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Abi and Graeme

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Abi and Graeme

23rd April 2016

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Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns...

I was really nervous before my first appointment but also so excited. I was so happy that I could have my bridesmaids (minus 1) and my Mum and Step-Dad with me to go dress shopping. I couldn’t believe that I was actually going to try on wedding dresses; it all felt a bit too grown up for me!

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts...

When I walked into Y.A.P I felt very jittery but the girls were so welcoming and instantly put me at ease. They sat me and my entourage down and most importantly gave me a cup of tea. The shop was so beautiful and everyone was so friendly. Even though it wasn’t a private appointment, it felt like we had the shop to ourselves.

Your Style Ideas...

I was convinced that I wanted a v-neck dress. I knew I wanted some lace but other than that I was clueless. I didn’t know what the different styles of dress even meant and I really didn’t know what would suit me. I knew I was going to need all the help possible from my bridesmaids and style adviser Step-Dad. I was worried that I was going to be too indecisive to pick a dress

Your Consultation to Finding the One...

I think I expected to go straight into trying dresses on, but the team sat me down and told me the story of Y.A.P, which instantly had me in tears, it was beautiful. They then spoke to me about what I wanted to feel like on my wedding day – I found this difficult but it really helped me to focus on our day and the whole picture rather than just the dress. It was this question I think that helped me make my final decision. Every dress I tried on I asked myself ‘how would I feel on the day?’ The consultation helped me to relax and feel more comfortable; it helped me develop a relationship with the girls at the shop and it made me feel like Danni really wanted to help me find ‘The Dress’.

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received...

Every single one of the girls at Y.A.P are amazing. Every time I was in the shop I felt so special and felt like the girls were genuinely excited for me. They made the experience so happy and relaxed. Danni was brilliant throughout my appointment.

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’...

My dress was actually the first gown I looked at in Y.A.P - however I didn’t try it on straight away as it was over my budget.My bad influence sister encouraged me to try it on at the end of my appointment in Y.A.P. I loved it instantly. I just loved the way I felt in it, I couldn’t stand still in it; I just wanted to twirl around. I felt like a fairy. As this was my first ever experience of trying on dresses, I couldn’t make a decision straight away. I had two more appointments that day elsewhere, which didn't match my expectations after my first experience. We were finishing up for the day and I had found one other potential dress, I felt that I needed to try my dress on again. I was eager to do it that same day as it was the only day I would have my bridesmaids together. We called Y.A.P and asked if we could come back, they said yes so we raced back through to Newcastle city centre and the team squeezed in another appointment for me. As soon as I put it back on I knew I wanted it. I felt so special in it, it had just enough lace for me and I loved the long train. It wasn’t over the top and I knew I could have fun and dance in it.

Talk to us about your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

Absolutely brilliant, I would recommend this shop to anyone! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Tell us more about your day...


Shoes – Miss KG 

Veil + Hair accessories – I planned to get a cathedral veil but Anne Y.A.P's seamstress suggested a shorter veil and tried one on me, it was perfect. It had the head piece attached to it and Anne altered it so that we could remove the veil and keep the head piece on. 


I felt so special, I felt like a fairy still and felt so confident. I hate being the centre of attention but in my Raimon Bundo dress I loved people looking at me! 


We had our wedding at Errol Park, Perthshire, Scotland. We had the ceremony in the big manor house with us standing on the grand staircase and our guests gathered in the grand hallway. We chose a Humanist Ceremony and Graeme wrote most of our ceremony which made it very special. The reception was in the converted stable block, which we just loved. We wanted the wedding to be relaxed, laid back and fun. We wanted people to party and enjoy themselves and we wanted it to be a bit different to other weddings. 



I’m not really one for colour themes, I like more variety. I buy what I like and make it work together. We decided we needed to name the ‘theme’ of our wedding so we called it ‘cottage chic’ – a little bit rustic, a little bit country, with lots of pastel colours, lots of decorations and lots of fairy lights. 


Craig McBeth photography - - We loved him because he shared our ‘laid back’ attitude. We wanted to get great photos but we didn’t want this to be the focus of the day, we wanted to enjoy it.

Angela Christie Hair - she was just brilliant!

Caroline Lambie – Humanist – So friendly and happy, she put us both at ease instantly 

Top Drawer Makeup - brilliantly professional and friendly


Big love and hugs to our beautiful Abi - You looked absolutely amazing in your Raimon Bundo gown. Thank you to Craig McBeth Photography for these gorgeous images xxxx