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Becky and Graeme

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Becky and Graeme

February 2022

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Tell us how you and your partner met. Your ‘love story’…

Graeme and I met first at a works night out, he was very keen and I was very taken so he got the cold shoulder, haha. Within a couple of years we’d become as good as best friends but we both in and out of relationships with other people. The spark was there but the timing never worked. It wasn’t until I got offered a job in Bristol, and then another in London very quickly after, that we were bith single and once and he plucked up the courage to ask me out! From there, it didn’t take long for us to be in a committed relationship. When you’re long distance, you have to decide early on whether that person is woth the time, effort and money of an LDR. Graeme is certainly worth all of that effort.

How did you feel before your first bridal appointment? Did you have in mind the style you wanted from your gown? If so what was it?

I was a little nervous about my first bridal appointment but excited too, it was definitely a butterflies moment. I had already, drunkenly, gone to a bridal shop in York and tried a couple on in the style I thought I wanted which was very plain, silk, A-line. I had imagined an almost lingerie feel. I tried it on and felt like a caterpillar where it was clinging to my curves in all the wrong places. Having this experience where I realised that the bridal team would have a better idea of what would look good on me made it easier to release that need to control every aspect.

What did you feel like when you found your precious gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’?

When I found my ‘One’ it wasn’t immediately clear as it was my ‘wild card’ and my Maid of Honour favoured another that I had tried on. I ummed and ahhed quite a bit and even returned with more Bridesmaids as reinforcements! The second time trying on ‘The One’ was so different, there were tears all over. We all just knew that this was my dress. I knew it was the one because I felt like a bride in it. It’s hard to explain but I tried on a few dresses and I felt beautiful in them but it also felt like playing ‘dress up’ as a bride. Wearing my dress, I could really see myself getting married in it, dancing in it and, obviously, I imagined how incredible the photos would be. It just clicked.

Describe how your gorgeous Y.A.P gown made you feel when you tied the knot with your fiancé?

You’ve seen his reaction, right? I don’t need to say what a confidence boost being looked at like that was. All morning, getting ready, I did feel bridal and I felt so excited and all the things a bride feels. However, when I got to the venue and got dressed, it all amplified so much. Putting on my wedding dress took me from feeling like a bride to knowing ‘I’m a bride’. I got so giddy after I put it on, I actually jumped up and down squealing. Standing at the alter with all eyes on us was made easier by the dress too. It’s more nerve wracking than I expected to have over 60 of your loved ones all watching you at the same time but, in that dress, I thought ‘let them look’.

Tell us about the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received along your bridal journey …

Danni and the Y.A.P team are incredible. They are clearly a very popular choice with brides and meet a lot of people but I never once felt like I wasn’t remembered or that they weren’t so excited about my wedding and how I would feel on the day. Due to Covid, we had to reschedule twice, which was a horrible thing to have to do but Y.A.P did everything they could to make it easier. I even received a personal and thoughtful card through the door from them after having to postpone. The whole team are so invested in making Y.A.P brides feel their best, they don’t push anything on you that you don’t like/want, they are so sensitive to those days where you don’t feel good in your own body and know how to help you shift that when choosing gowns for you and they are very respectful of budgets. It’s obvious that the sale itself is not the thing that gives them most of a kick, it’s helping brides feel like their best selves on their biggest day.

What three words would you use to describe your overall Y.A.P Bridal experience?

Cheating a little but – Outta This World.


Gown – Maggie Sottero ‘Veda’

Accessories – I wore a simple double tier scatter sparkle veil also from Y.A.P, pearl earrings as my something borrowed, a Joma London bracelet (new and blue) and, of course, my mother was on a pendant on my bouquet. I wanted a look that let the dress do the talking but was otherwise effortlessly beautiful. I wore my hair loose and wavy and I took my shoes off way too soon, after dinner, not realising I wouldn’t get the chance to put them back on. This meant for the whole of the evening, including the first dance, I wore my fluffy ‘bride’ slippers!

Location – The Parlour at Blagdon

Styling – I wanted the day to feel classic but a little rustic too so we styled with fairy lights, fire pits, wooden crates, candles and lots of foliage. My bridesmaids wore an emerald/forest green and  the groomsmen matched their ties.

Karen Alexander (@karenalexanderweddings) styled the venue for us. She was another one who just ‘got’ our vision. I didn’t worry once about how the set up was going on the morning of the wedding, we had enough contact beforehand to know that she understood the assignment better than I even did. I had complete trust that the venue would look dreamy and, again, was not disappointed.

Photographer – Laura Eddolls (@lauraeddollsphoto). Laura is incredible, we booked her early so over the years we feel we have really gotten to know her and call her a friend too. We chose her not only because of her work, which is stunning by the way, but because we immediately gelled with her personality too. Immediately she was so easy to be around and so likeable. This is what we wanted from our photographer, to feel like ourselves around them and to trust that they will make us look good. Laura hit those targets and more.

Florist - Lucy at Katherines Florists did our bouquets and also provided the white roses for my mother and mother in laws seats. They have both passed on so could not be there but we wanted them to have a seat of their own. I wanted simple bouquets, my favourite flowers are gerberas so that is what I wanted. Lucy has been one of my favourite people for many years now so she really didn’t need much more detail than that to bring what I wanted to life.

Cake – Gemma Murray (@pontelandbakes) made our stunning cake. Cake tasting sessions are definitely a bridal perk. Graeme has an egg intolerance so it was made extra special with no eggs for us. I don’t know how much to say about cake but it was amazing and I wish you could have had a slice.

Stationary – Drawing Room Designs (@drawingroomdesigns) did our invites and also our wedding boards. I think we got so lucky with all of our suppliers because she also just ‘got’ the vision and was so great at being in contact with us through everything. She didn’t even mind when a couple of weeks before the wedding everything changed multiple times.

Make Up – Kelly Blick (@kellyblickmua) did our make up. I met Kelly quite late in the game really, I didn’t have a make up artist until very close to the wedding. I was worrying a bit about it and then Kelly got recommended to me, I met her for a trial run and immediately just said ‘Yes, this is the woman I want to make me and my girls feel like goddesses’. I say she ‘did our make up’ as if it wasn’t a total work of art, which it was. She knows her stuff! And not just about how to make us all look and feel amazing but she also helped me plan the order of the morning with regards to hair and make up.

Hair Stylist – Last but not least, Rebecca (@rebeccajane_jr), Rebecca has been my hair stylist for years now but is more than that, she is my friend too and such a trusted person in my life. I originally wasn’t going to allow Rebecca to use her morning getting us ready when she was a guest too, I wanted her to feel like she had time and space to get herself ready. After conversations, I realised that it would mean the world to us both if she was a part of the bridal prep and I am so glad I had that realisation. Rebecca is a hair magician, she knows what looks good and how to create it. I don’t mind saying that she turned my hair into absolute bride goals.

Any special mentions – 

All of our suppliers deserve special mentions, particularly for the continued support and date shifting due to Covid! 

Of course, The Parlour and Northumberland registrars too, without them we wouldn’t have had this perfect day. 

We feel like we got so lucky with all of our suppliers, contacts and venue. They were all so incredible.

If you could give one piece of advice for future Y.A.P brides about to embark on their bridal journey, what would it be?


Trust your gut and trust the experts. Don’t prioritise trends over preference, trends change but you will always know if you didn’t follow your heart with things.

Also, pick suppliers that you get a good feeling from, you will talk to them more than you realise and getting along is so important. It’s also easier to share your vision with people you can communicate freely with.

Lastly, enjoy every second! When the day comes, you could blink and miss it.

Becky xo