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Emily and Jack

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Emily and Jack

30th May 2019 Black Horse

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Tell us how you and your partner met. Your ‘love story’…

We originally met when I started a weekend job working at the golf club Jack played at when I was 15. After coming from a family of golfers I was adamant I wouldn’t go out with one but 8 years later with some persistence on Jacks behalf and a drunken night in our local pub; that all changed. We spoke every day since...

How did you feel before your first appointment to try on gowns?

I was actually really nervous, I had no idea what to expect and I worried that my indecisiveness would make it hard to find what I thought was the ‘perfect dress.’ I’ve always been obsessed with wedding dress programs on TV so that was my only idea of what to expect.

Did you have in mind the style and look you wanted from your gown? If so what was it?

I thought I knew what I wanted (a relaxed boho style) but soon as I saw all the dresses I was clueless and fell in love with them all! I was torn between full lace with lots of detail or something a little more simple. The only thing I did know was that I wanted straps as I’ve got quite a large chest and wanted to feel comfortable and supported.

How did your consultation during your appointment help to find the perfect dress for you?

Sam was amazing - she really listened to how I pictured the day and how I wanted to feel, rather than just diving straight in asking what type of dress I want. My mum and I were really touched by the story of Y.A.P as it related so much to how my grandparents passed away and it just felt like it was meant to be. It was the best start to my dress shopping experience.

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received …

Sam was incredible at helping me pick my dress from start to finish. She was the one who picked my dress – it was as if she just knew it was the right one. I tried on a few I liked on the hanger however they weren’t quite suiting me, Sam was very honest as well which I really appreciated. She gave options of straps on dresses I liked but were strapless so I felt like I had so many options. As soon as I tried ‘The one’ on I absolutely loved how it made me feel and didn’t feel any pressure to purchase it there and then. (However I didn’t want to try any more dresses on or leave the shop without it!) On the day Jo (the Founder of Y.A.P) came out personally to dress me and my bridesmaids, this was one of the best decisions we made. My house was a bit chaotic on the morning of the wedding and it was so nice to just have my sister and Jo in the room when I put my dress on and enjoy that one calm moment in the day. Jo ensured everything was in the right place with no glitches and made me feel amazing in my dress, I can’t thank the girls enough for my ‘you are precious’ experience.

How did you feel when you found your precious gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’?

I’m very close to my mum so her opinion mattered massively to me, especially as she knew exactly how I wanted the day to feel. As I walked out in my dress ‘Ed Sheeran’ was playing, this was going to be Jack and I’s first dance song, and I could hear the sound of the beads on my long train along the floor - it all felt like it was meant to be. I knew I wanted a lace trim veil so as soon as I tried it on with the dress it worked perfectly and I didn’t want to take the dress off. My decision was made that much easier knowing my mum absolutely loved it too.

How did you feel in your amazing Y.A.P gown when you tied the knot?

I felt so stunning, it fit me perfectly and I think it suited the style of day we wanted. As my sister said ‘I looked like a bohemian princess’ and that’s exactly how I felt.

What three words would you use to describe your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey?

Most perfect experience!

Tell us about the perfect accessories

I’d always dreamed of having a long lace trim veil so soon as I tried it on I knew I’d have to have it. As for my hair, I thought I wanted a fresh flower crown but when I started looking into it I came across ‘whatkatydidnext’ on Instagram and loved the handmade crowns she made. I went and met with her and fell in love with a metal leaf crown. It was different to anything I’d seen before and went with the boho bride theme I’d wanted.

Talk to us about the location and how you styled your day …

We got married at our local church ‘Ryton Methodist church’ that jack has been brought up going to. It was sentimental to him as a lot of his family had previously been married there too. 

We had our reception in the marquee at the Black horse beamish, this was the one and only venue we visited after we came across it when out for a drink one afternoon. I loved the fact it was a blank canvas and that it felt really ‘outdoorsy’ even when inside. I could imagine all the little members of our family running riot in the fields and all the beautiful photos of the views. 

We styled the majority of it ourselves, using gin bottles for centre pieces (as we are known for being big gin drinkers) and my mum, who’s a qualified florist created a beautiful flower arch with the assistance of my dad and sister for a back drop for photos. I also wanted to create a kids corner with tipis and games as the day was all about family and friends who had children too. The only outside supplier we used was MN events who provided blossom trees for some of the tables which had a sentimental value to them as my late gran used to call me blossom. We couldn’t have been happier with how the room looked. 

Any colour schemes/ themes for your big day? 

We didn’t have a particular theme for the day we just wanted it to feel relaxed and if anything a bit boho like with plenty of flowers and greenery. The only colours I had In mind were pale, neutral colours and white. Family is so important to us so we wanted it to be a day that everyone was involved in then we hired a band to throw a big party on the nighttime. 

Tell us about your chosen suppliers and how they made your day perfect …

What Katy did next’ supplied my leaf crown which was all handmaid and unique to myself.

The suits for the groom, groosmen and pageboy were by master debonair 

I knew the photographer I wanted ‘littlemissboyco’ after seeing some photos she did of a friends wedding. Once we met with Wiesia and she told us how she likes to capture the moment and do really natural shots we knew she’d be perfect as we both hated the idea of spending ages getting posed shots. 

My mum Jackie Myhill provided and styled all of the flowers in both the venues and was going to provide the bouquets until an accident on the hen doo resulted in a broken ankle so we used our local florist ‘stobos in Wylam for button holes and bouquets. 

We booked bay6 through amv music after a friend recommended them and we went to see them play as we always knew we wanted a live band and party atmosphere on the evening. My sister ‘alice greenfield’ sung our first dance for us which was a bit of a surprise to the guests too.


Emily, we absolutely adored looking after you throughout your bridal journey and dressing you on your special day was such a blessing for us. We wish you and Jack the most incredible life. Forever part of the Y.A.P family.


Love always,


Y.A.P xx