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Katie and James

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Katie and James

10th October 2015

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Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns...

Like all brides to be, I had a range of emotions buzzing around me before my first appointment. I was super excited but super nervous all at the same time about the opportunity to try dresses on.

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts...

My first appointment was in the old Boutique which was just gorgeous, light and airy. I was greeted with huge smiles and hugs and offered refreshments for both myself and my mum. All the girls looked professional and smart, but were all so very friendly. I was overwhelmed with all the gorgeous dresses on display, and knew that I was in the right place.

Your Style Ideas...

Probably the same as all brides to be, I had a pinterest board, instagram, scrap books with countless styles in, and was frequently changing my mind! I always had an idea in my head that I wanted a strapless, figure hugging, mermaid style gown and no matter how much I kept looking at different dresses I was always drawn back to that particular look. I knew the style that I wanted to achieve needed to be elegant and timeless and not for me to look back on pictures wishing I had picked something else. Lace was also on my list. I loved the look of it and what it could achieve.

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received...

Living in Yorkshire and not just being able to pop in was always going to be a struggle, however from the emails, phone calls and messages to keep me up to date with the progress of my dress, how Anne was getting on making my bespoke alterations, to the warm excitable feeling every time I stepped foot in the boutique was first class. The atmosphere, the decor, the feel of the boutique creates such an amazing experience in itself. The girls are not just about selling you a wedding dress - I truly believe that due to the interaction and involvement they have during your bridal journey they completely understand how you, the bride, wants to look and feel which makes them helping to choose the one all that more special. When Danni explained to me the ethos behind the boutique and why it’s called You are Precious, I immediately felt a connection. This is the feeling that I had every time I went to the boutique. Joanne, Anne, Danni and all the girls are a huge credit to this business and to find something so precious is very rare.

Your Consultation to Finding the One...

I was in the very fortunate position that Danni who is one of my best friends, also happens to be the Senior Bridal and Marketing Consultant at Y.A.P. I think that this helped me hugely as I felt completely at ease with her and knew I could be completely honest. We had chatted over the months leading up to my appointment and I had probably sent her images of every dress under the sun! Danni started off by running through a thorough consultation, and asking me all about my day, look I wanted to achieve, styles I liked etc. Danni is so down to earth and it’s clear to see that she adores helping all brides find the one and to fulfil any requirements a bride may have. I felt that Danni was there to advise me not only on a personal basis but was fully aware of her professional responsibility with me to help me with my vision.

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’...

I had in my head a specific style that I wanted, but was worried that it wouldn’t suit me. Danni picked me three dresses to try on. The third dress I tried on, I knew there was something special about it, I loved the subtle sparkle in it and the vintage look which I knew would suit the venue perfectly, my choice of the dress was made final by mums reaction! There was one slight issue, the dress I had visions of in my head was strapless, but this dress had straps. Danni could tell that although it was the perfect dress, something wasn’t quite right. Without me saying a word, she asked me to close my eyes. Danni tucked the straps in and asked me to open them, at that moment bursting into tears, I knew that it was the one; it was such a special moment being just us two and getting to share it with one of my best friends. It was a truly perfect moment

Talk to us about your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

My Y.A.P bridal journey overall was amazing. The professionalism, amazing boutique and gorgeous ladies made my experience an absolute dream. I loved seeing my dress evolve and the final product was breathtaking. Anne the seamstress is a miracle worker and made my dress not only unique, but a true reflection of my vision. Joanne and Danni are the most amazing wonderful ladies and are a joy to visit and a honour to call friends

Tell us more about your day…


My hair accessories and veil were also from Y.AP. and a bit of added sparkle came from my Kurt Geiger shoes


Amazing, beautiful and bespoke. The dress fit perfectly with our wedding venue and everyone commented on how amazing it was.

I didn’t want to take it off!


·       Almost immediately after getting engaged we knew exactly where we wanted to hold our ceremony, Newton Hall. We knew that we wanted to hold our ceremony in the same place as our reception, and knew that Newton had everything that we wanted. It was quirky, vintage, unique and special and we could envisage everything we wanted and how it would fit. We wanted an amazing, relaxed feel to our day.

Marrying a Professional Cricket Coach meant that our wedding had to be scheduled for October which was after the cricket season. The one thing I was concerned about getting married in October was the weather! We were however so very lucky and it was a glorious crisp October day.

Living in Yorkshire and planning a wedding in the North East meant that we had to have complete trust in our venue as we wouldn’t see it until the day before the wedding. The staff at Newton are unbelievable and run weddings with military precision. They are just superb and so very friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and all our guests commented on not just how amazing the venue was and everything that went with it. 


We chose a romantic, whimsical theme for the day. I wanted everything to look a bit different than any weddings I had seen before but still be a reflection on James and my personalities. 


·      We enlisted the talents of Vicky from the Floral Quarter, Charlotte from The Finishing Touches and Ross & Laura from Coco Luminarie / Snapparazzi, Daniel from Shoot Me Now Films & Helen Russell Photography to make all our visions and dreams come true.

These talented individuals made our venue look truly breath taking and our images and memories last a lifetime.

Our band was Hip Operation who were amazing and kept the party going all night. James did a surprise DJ set with his friend Louise who is a saxophonist (Lady V)and everyone was stunned. It was unreal!!


A huge thank you to our gorgeous Y.A.P Bride Katie... your day was magical to be part of and you looked truly incredible in your gown... Amazing images by the talented Helen Russell Photography too xxxx Y.A.P xxxx