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Kim and Matt

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Kim and Matt

6th November 2015

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Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns...

I was very nervous before my appointment; a lovely friend told me about Y.A.P following a number of not so great experiences. I worried that I was never going to find a dress that I was excited to wear as I am not the best at all things fashion. I had such butterflies walking to the boutique and then.........

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts...

I LOVE IT........ Three little words were uttered and I immediately relax. My Y.A.P experience began in the original boutique, the gowns on the mannequins were sparkling away, there were giggles and smiles coming from a bride collecting her gown and I immediately relaxed into a hug from Danni.

Your Style Ideas...

I was very nervous about what style would suit me, although, I knew I wanted something quite simple and not big as I was so afraid that I would not be able to pull off being a bride. I felt that I needed to hide my arms and nothing to “blingy”. I wanted to “not stand out” – I was terrified.

Your Consultation to Finding the One...

After a wonderful hug from Danni and a few moments to settle in, Danni asked me how I wanted to feel in my dress. I immediately answered without much thought that I really wanted to “feel like me being a bride, not a bride being me”. Looking back I just wanted to feel happy, comfortable and confident and then I knew that I wouldn’t get lost in the gown. We spoke so much about our venue and the importance of the gown complementing the old, historical building. After all of our chat, Danni said, go and pick out your favourites and every gown I picked were Maggie Sottero numbers, I had clearly found my designer and oh my goodness I just fell head over heels with simple lines, detailed lace and delicate sparkle. As I am such a worrier, Danni’s gentle guidance and patience was just what I needed. I felt part of something wonderful, it was wonderful, my bridal journey really came into it’s own during my initial appointment, I started to feel that I was going to feel beautiful.

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received...

I felt that Y.A.P was turning me into the most beautiful bride and that it was right to feel that way. I have very pale skin and I am covered in freckles, Danni encouraged me to consider Champagne coloured gowns, she was so right. It was as though I walked into this wonderful boutique and I was understood, the girls are so knowledgeable and understand which of their very carefully chosen gowns will suit which brides. Not only did the girls understand me, they made my Mum and Aunty part of the experience, the love and support is outstanding throughout the process and on my actual day, Danni was there with me and my family to send me and my gown on our most special journey.

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’...

Dreamy, excited, overwhelmed and that this wonderful gown had increased my confidence immediately. I simply just adored the detail, our wedding theme was Autumn Sparkle, the golden tone, heavy lace and detailed understated sparkle just pulled together my vision into my gown. I just “swooshed” around the boutique with the biggest smile on my face. No tears, just big big smiles.

Talk to us about your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

The thing I most valued about Y.A.P was how the girls came on my journey with me, from the very first appointment, three subsequent appointments, fittings with the lovely Anne, to Danni sending me on my way down the aisle. I live my life helping and guiding others, when it came to my bridal journey Y.A.P did that for me. They are incredibly personal and that for me is the kindest action that we can give. Y.A.P cared for me and showed so much love and interest, I will never forget the experience and hope if you are reading this, you believe that you deserve to feel the same way.

Tell us more about your day...


I had my shoes made for me, I sent the designer a picture of Joelle (my gown) and she made me the most exquisite shoes. Danni helped my find the perfect veil, I originally wanted a full length veil that I could hide behind, Danni encouraged me otherwise,I had a beautiful two tiered veil with delicate drop crystals. My head piece was gold, matching my gown, with beautiful pearls and sparkle.



I was so excited, I felt like I belonged in my beautiful Joelle. I felt confident and so proud to show it to my husband to be. I just could not stop smiling, I was in awe of how perfect my dress was. Just amazing.



Our Wedding was at The Lord Crewe Arms, Blanchland, a wonderful 12th Centuary former Abbey, which is now a pub, restaurant and hotel. We had sole use of venue, we wanted a real celebration of our love, with family and friends. When we found our venue we were so excited that we would be so lucky to have this amazing location for us and our guests, we wanted to have an intimate day, with a cosy feel



As our wedding was in Autumn, the day after bonfire night, in a gorgeous venue and a champagne gown,  we chose fire, candles, burnt oranges, wood and the theme “Let Love Sparkle” with an evening of toffee apples, popcorn and a sparkle party. My wonderful wedding co coordinator ensured that we constantly had candles burning and fires roaring. The boys wore a brown suit with hints of gold, my bridesmaids were in Brown. 


Our photographer was Gavin Foster, he was so accommodating and again personal, his natural approach to photography really suited us as a couple.

We had a Harpist for our guests arriving booked via AMV Music

Our wooden guest book, scatter hearts ,candle holders, table settings were provided via a local company called Pallet Art UK

Flowers, our amazing burnt orange flowers were provided by Flower Design, Helen was amazing, she provided the flowers for my sisters ten years earlier and her mum provided the flowers for my parents 36 years ago, she was always going to be my chosen florist and we were not disappointed.

My make up was done my Nikki, the manager of The Natural Beauty Clinic, Rowlands Gill, again she was there at my sister’s wedding, so my natural choice. My hair was done by my brother in laws mother. Personal touches throughout, it was just so amazing. I hope every bride is as lucky as I was on my most perfect day.


Our wedding band was Redwings- they just finished our day off amazingly. The sang our first song and also my dance with my dad which was amazing and such an emotional experience. We then partied to the most outstanding music.


Wow - What an amazing and inspirational journey Kim! You are a true Y.A.P beauty and a big part of our team... Thank you so much for sharing with us - emotional memories of your super precious experience with us xxxx