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Laura and Pete

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Laura and Pete

8th September 2017

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Tell us how you and Pete met … your ‘love story' -

We’ve been together for 11 years now – it took us 9 years to get engaged! I was working in a bar in Newcastle when we met. Pete was out with some friends and I spotted him watching me serving and asked him why he was “grinning at me like an idiot”. He asked for my number right then but I was shy and said no. My workmates convinced me to give him a chance – I gave him a napkin with my name and number on it (it said Laura… in case you forgot!). He still has that napkin somewhere. Pete treats me like a princess... we really are best friends and happiest in each other’s company. We tend to live in our own little bubble a lot of the time – but we didn’t realise all our friends and family knew about the bubble too until my dad talked about it at length in his wedding toast! Married life is great and we’re both surprised at how much we love to use the H and W words 

Tell us how you felt before your first appointment to try on gowns –

Really, really anxious. I am curvy (to put it mildly), not particularly girly (my mum really thought I’d refuse a wedding dress!) and was completely out of my comfort zone. All the bridal magazines are full of beautiful gowns on beautiful, slim, statuesque women and I thought I’d look horrendous and be laughed out of the shops. My mum and sister were much more excited about it than I was.

On arriving at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique what were your initial thoughts –

I thought the shop was gorgeous. The colours, the accessories and dresses on show – it feels like the sort of place you want to find a dress. All the staff were really friendly and welcoming. While we were waiting there was a girl who had just found her dress so her group was really happy and excited – I was hoping that would be me soon.

How did your consultation during your appointment help to find the perfect dress for you -

During the initial talk we discussed styles and what might suit my body shape. I felt reassured that we would find something to suit me. We agreed on a few styles that we would try. On a mannequin behind me was a dress that I felt really drawn to – I couldn’t stop looking at it! It had a beautiful full tulle skirt with rough layers, but I thought it was the sort of dress I could never wear.

Tell us about your bridal stylist and the ‘You Are Precious’ service you received –

At my first appointment Louise was my stylist – she chose five or six beautiful dresses for me that looked great (and had my mum and sister in tears). I was starting to feel a bit more bridal, but I wasn’t having a huge reaction to any of them – I found that the lacy dresses looked too fussy on me. Louise helped me see that I was drawn to the more unusual dresses, and more importantly, that it was ok to go with something a bit different!

How did you feel when you found your dream gown & how did you know it was ‘The One’-

My dress was Penny from Maggie Sottero - I saw it the second I came in the door and despite knowing it was the sort of dress I’d never be able to wear I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I saw it on, I finally got the ‘feels’ I’d been missing with all the other beautiful dresses. I tried on one or two others but I knew Penny was the one! I showed it to my mum and sister and we were all in tears!

How was your overall Y.A.P Bridal Journey…

I went from feeling like I didn’t really belong - to feeling like a bride. The girls always made me feel special and importantly, beautiful when I couldn’t see it for myself. The girls were always on hand to offer experienced advice too – Louise suggested the belt that looked like it was made for me, and Danni who got me to consider a veil when I had already decided against one – it really brought my whole look together! I ran into Danni several times and it was like talking to an old friend, she was always so positive and I always left feeling happy. My bridesmaids also got their dresses from YAP. We were able to see the colours against my own dress and see how well they complemented each other.

Heres some more details about Laura and Pete's Special day... 



I Felt Like a bride! I’m not normally the centre of attention but I loved it on the day. I felt fabulous but also like myself in my dress. It’s such a lovely feeling having everyone tell you how good you look all day! I was also really relaxed on my wedding day. The one time I got emotional was when Pete sent a little present to my room. He’d written the most beautiful words to me and bought me a very appropriate wedding present – a Lego dinosaur. I absolutely loved it!During the ceremony I was really nervous - Suddenly I realised that Pete kept brushing his hair out of his face – On his wrists were Eric Cartman (from South Park) cufflinks! They had the desired effect and I had to stifle laughter throughout our vows. The pictures are fantastic – Pete looks extremely pleased with himself, I look annoyed yet amused, and we both look like grinning idiots.



My shoes were Harlow from Rainbow Club – a super comfortable mid-heel. They can be dyed any colour – I toyed with the idea of getting them coloured to match my bridesmaid dresses but they actually looked really good with my dress in the standard ivory colour. My veil and belt were both from YAP. My belt was an absolute showstopper – a beautiful sparkly piece that meant I didn’t really need much else in the way of jewellery (I wore really simple pearl earrings and a silver and amethyst bracelet Pete had given me years ago). I kept the veil really simple – it had no detail at all as I already had such a statement dress. The gold really matched the blush pink of my dress. I wore my hair up with a jewelled pearly hair slide from Debenhams.



We had the whole thing at Jesmond Dene House. We knew it was the place for us as soon as we saw it. The Great Hall has a wonderful medieval look to it and the whole place is just fabulous. We wanted something relatively relaxed and also knew we didn’t want a big wedding. In the end we had about 45 people during the day and about 65 at night, which felt just about right for us. We wanted to get down into Jesmond Dene for photos and fortunately there was a long enough break in the rain to do so. We both changed into wellies and Pete did a great job of holding up my dress as we wandered around. We got a few funny looks from dog walkers!



I kept things fairly neutral – cream and green with elements of blush and copper. The Great Hall has such a beautiful atmosphere that it doesn’t need much dressing up, but I wanted it to have a soft candlelit glow.




Venue : Jesmond Dene House


Gown : Penny by Maggie Sottero from Y.A.P Bridal Boutique


Shoes : Rainbow Club


Accessories : Veil and belt both from Y.A.P , hair slide from Debenhams


 Photographer: Ross from RGM Photo


 Event Dresser: The Event Dressers


 Flowers: Floral quarter


 Bouquet preservation: Infinity flowers


 Cake: A truly scrumptious cake


 Suits: Most Suitable


 Live Band: The Shakedown




Sending lots of love to the happy couple and special Y.A.P hugs to our amazing one Laura for sharing her Bridal love story with us – you are incredible xxx