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What's in a fabric?

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What's in a fabric?

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Would you know your chiffon from your georgette? Your Duchess satin from your taffeta? The fabric of your bridal gown is such an important element when choosing the right wedding dress for you. How you want to look and feel on your big day will dramatically impact on which fabrics you should go for, as well as the venue and destination of your wedding.  Beautiful heavy silks are not ideal for a wedding abroad if you want a floaty gown to keep you cool.  And if you want your gown to have structure then a heavier fabric like a taffteta would be perfect. That classic 'rustling' noise- yes thats a tafftea that gives you that!

Some of the beautiful wedding dresses here at Y.A.P are made from pure silk cloths and choosing silk for your wedding gown is such a luxury.  The fabric will be very fine, breathable, and drape beautifully.  Lyn Ashworth is a great example of a bridal designer whos pure silk gowns are timeless pieces.

Chiffon is usually finer than georgette but both cloths will be soft and fluid, think 'Grecian Goddess' and these fabrics are perfect for a wedding abroad.

Some of our more traditional bridal gowns are made from Italian Satin and Duchess Satin and these cloths work well on gowns with bigger skirts and really hold the shape well.  They can also be beaded onto really well and hold the detailing better than some other cloths. Satin usually has a lovely sheen to it whereas the Duchess satin has more of a 'matte' look.

One of my favourite gowns in the Y.A.P boutique is made from a very special fabric called Ziberline, which is an Italian cloth.  This is like a cross between a taffeta and a Duchess satin.  It holds its shape well and is quite a structured cloth but its not as shiny as satin and the cloth has a lovely texture to it.  This gown is called 'Etta' by Charlotte Balbier and it is classically elegant. 

Then there is of course lace bridal fabrics which are becoming more and more popular.  Here at Y.A.P we love our lace gowns and again they can vary so much.  Some gowns are made in a fine chantilly lace, which are very light to wear and have a wonderful vintage feel.  There are also heavier corded lace gowns which create a lovely structured silhouette. 

Our team here at Y.A.P Bridal Boutique will help guide you when it comes to fabrics and which will suit you best. So dont hesitiate to ask as we are here to help!

Love Terri xxx